Price Comparison Sites in Bangladesh

Its universal truth that Time is Money – Time is the heart of everything and more importantly quality Time is the most precious time of your personal life. The time you spend for your own personal needs, with your friends and family or even with your pet or if you have any or any hobby like gardening or reading books.

Price Comparison sites in Bangladesh
Compare before buying

As everybody know, is an Online Shopping Blog for Bangladesh and here we are talking about in online shopping, making online shopping more exciting and to get more deals and finally an unforgettable online shopping experience.

In this article we will focus on how “Price Comparison sites in Bangladesh”  could help you to get the best deals from reputed sellers online in Bangladesh. Read through this post and i am pretty sure you will get convinced with the tricks and tips that we are going to discuss today.

So, What is Price Comparison site?

Well, it’s a sort of service provided by 3rd party who collects the price for every products from different eCommerce sites in Bangladesh and put in a single page to show and compare the price in different sites. So basically you will get all prices offered by different sites under an umbrella.

In Bangladesh eCommerce is a new concept and booming sector in recent days. With this new concept of Price Comparison sites, before shopping online you may think to get some help from others specially from your friends to know which product is good, which models review is good or who is offering good price and support, who has free delivery or better after sales support right? while you are shopping online there’s no need to phone a friend and to ask to make sure you’re getting the lowest price possible. In more advance level now a days you can do it yourself easily and more effectively. Interested to know how? Here is the answer- you can visit a Price comparing site. Actually how they can help you? Yes the aim is to operate a price comparing site is pick the different prices from different eCommerce sites in Bangladesh and will give you at a glance overview who is selling the price at which price.

Best deals in Bangladesh
Find the best deal online in Bangladesh

If we take a close look at worldwide Price Comparison sites we will found, while most of buyers are looking for comparison of prices, beside that some of the sites also provide ‘Product Rating and Reviews’. and some Price Comparison sites have gone even few steps further by providing “Buyer’s Guide on how to shop smartly” how to choose the correct product for you. All these features may give you answers to your questions that you might want to know before you buying the product online, thus making your online shopping more easy, exciting and thrilling experience also with the better price and from the best sellers.

The Post titles speaks that, how important it is and how can it help you to save a lot of your effort including your precious time.

By using “Price Comparison Sites, you could save a lot of time in identifying & selecting the product you are looking for at  the best price offered in Bangladesh, best deal  or offers, Payment method, best delivery time and sometimes may be with free shipping & with product return guarantee- in a word, a purchase with maximum benefits and with comfort.

Best price online in BD
Get the best value online

Additionally, you have saved lot of your time, which you would have spent on searching for the product with the kind of product purchase benefits you getting by using a “Trustworthy” Price Comparison site.

So it is always worthy to understand everything about “Price Comparison sites in Bangladesh” so that you can use this services to shop online in Bangladesh by comparing the price from different sites, with which you will be able to save a lot of your time to spends for yourself, with your family and friends and pets and thus making your life more beautiful and colorful.

5 Reasons to buy Casio Watches in Bangladesh

There is bunch of reason to buy Branded and original products specially Watches. Once upon a time when Original Casio watch was  very famous and was available everywhere but now a days lots of fake and replica watches destroy the market and destroy the trust of the consumers as well. In our country still Casio is the most popular watch brand, not only in Bangladesh its also very much famous in rest of the world. Due to the latest technology and modern design Casio is the worlds best selling watch in the world. 
Here we will discuss the top 5 reason to buy Casio watch in Bangladesh

1. Longer battery Life:

Casio battery life
Casio is the only brand which supports battery life up to 10 years. There is many models of Casio Watches called 10 years battery life Watch series. It also comes in Analog, Digital and Analog- Digital Dual time. Casio used such high quality battery and used such technology which consumes very lower power that’s the reason it can run up to 10 years with single battery. If you need a watch with longer battery, there there is no alternative or other brands [except solar watch] than Casio. 

2. Exclusive Design and Large Selection:

Casio Collections

Casio is the only Watch company who design, develop & produce new models every week. They have huge selection of different series or range of watches like Casio Edifice, G-Shock, Baby-G, Beside, Outwear, Fishing gear, Casio Calculator Watch, Data bank Watch, Protrek series watches. Each category has hundreds of models and the number is increasing regularly. If you decided to buy a Casio watch then you will get a chance to choose from a huge models with latest technology and modern design with various features and functions. There is huge selection for kids watch, Ladies watch, gents watch, Couple or pair watch. There is more option to select leather belt, resin belt or stainless steel belt option. In design there is thousands of design, color and features. If you are looking for special features like Temperature, Altitude, Direction etc you will get it in Casio models. So, you will get almost everything you can think about a wrist watch.

3. Special Features on Watch:

Gravity master Watch in BD

Casio is such innovating watch manufacturing company who has designed thousands of unique design that increase the expectation of consumers. They are continuously developing new design with new features every week. They change the mind of the consumers and they change the consumers mind set to buy & wear watches again. They have introduces several useful features on watch like- Temperature, Altitude, Direction, Prayer watch etc which really makes user more comfortable beside keeping the regular time.

4. Military grade toughness:

G-Shock Military Grade Watch

Casio is the brand who innovate and produce military grade real tough watches for US army and some other military from various country. Casio produce special model with shock resistant, GPS, Bluetooth, Gravity, extra range of water proof, dust proof, vibration, light even on Analog watches and very light in weight. This series of Casio watch called G-SHOCK watches. It’s often visible on Hollywood movies.

5. Seamless Warranty:

Casio watch made with such component that really rare to get malfunctioned or giving problems. Even though since its electronic product and it can happened and for this reason and to give better customer service and better after sales experience. They have dedicated and expert Casio Service Center across the world beside that they have partner service center almost every small city in the world.

This was very common and top “5 Reasons to buy Casio Watches in Bangladesh” and hope it will also help you to make decision to buy your next wrist watch.

Best Online Shopping Site in Bangladesh for Watches

Watches is a great way to express your personality & look. Its a must have gadget if you are a job holder or a student to count your every moments. Its a nice idea as gift item and it has demand to all. Everybody who loves to wear watches this article will help them to get better understanding before buying new Watches from Online Shopping Site in Bangladesh. 
Watch Shop
Here we will discuss about top the Best Online Shopping Site in Bangladesh for Watches or Wrist Watches but before that we want to focus about few terms that we will consider as buyer to get the correct choice and hope it will help you too to take your decision wisely. 

1. Budget:

First of all you will have to calculate your budget. Here we will try to make a segment to make it easy to understand. If you have budget within 1000 Taka then there will be lots of choices but mostly cheap Chinese products. Then in second segment if your budget it between 1000 Taka to 2000 Taka, then there is several models of different Brand watches to choose from. If you budget is between 2000 Taka to  5000 Taka there is lots of models of original branded watches but you may not get with some extra features but if your budget it more than 5000 Taka then you will get good and original branded watches with lots of functions and variations like Analog or Digital or Combination of Analog & Digital with Tachymeter & Chronograph functions. Some of the model you will get Direction & Temperature sensors. If you have requirements and budget isn’t matter but watch with GPS, Aviation or hybrid watches with Altimeter then there is several choice in Casio G-Shock Watches or you can choose Smart watches from Samsung or Apple watches to meet your requirements. If you have something more in you mind then definitely you can go for Rado, Rolex of some other Limited edition watches. It all depends on your budget and wish.

Budget for Watches

2. Brand? 

For some people brand is the main concern. They won’t buy other brands often. It’s so tough to switch such people from one brand to another. In the case of Watches this scenario is more complex and its quite impossible to make them agree to switch. But yes if you have a limitation of budget then may be brand isn”t the only fact and if the budget is limited and if you want to shop online then you may cross check and compare many brands before you buy your next watch. If you ask our opinion we will suggest you to go with Casio watches and there is “5 Reason to buy Casio Watches in Bangladesh“. In a summery don’t buy cheap Chinese brand specially for watches. It really doesn’t look decent with a cheap watch. Either you buy a better watch or don’t wear it at all to maintain your personality.

Watch Brands
Here is some popular brand names of Watches in Bangladesh market- Casio, Citizen, Seiko, Omax, Q&Q, Fastrack, Titan, Curren, Swister etc. Out of this brands few of it comes with warranty so before buying you should consider the warranty period as well.

3. Original or Replica?

We will suggest you only to go for original watches. There is bunch of reasons  and here is “Top 10 reason why you should buy Original Watches”. Original Product never come in cheap but now a days we also can see lots of Fake Casio Watches are selling in Bangladesh which is wastage of money for sure. You will have to pay 5000 to 8000 Taka but you are buying replica, isn’t it better buy branded watch within that range of price? Few dishonest sellers selling replica watches and they use original product picture and customer often got confused they think it will be original and some cases sellers don’t even mansion this is replica unless you ask them. So, identify the original watches brand and buy original. Original product always worth buying.

Original Vs Fake Casio Edifice

 Here is a very nice and useful tips on “How to identify Original & Fake Edifice Watches” and hope it may help you to get some ideas and to stick with you original brands products from reputed sellers.

4. Watch Category or Interest?

There is one more important factor you should consider before buying watches in Bangladesh. Every brands has different series of product like Sports Series, Analog Watch, Digital Watches, Analog – Digital Watches, Leather belt watch, Chronograph watch and so on. So, if you have particular choice like if you wish to buy a sporty looks digital watch then you may go with Casio digital watches or you may check their G-Shock watches.

5. Warranty:

Its one of the top priority concern before buying or even paying the payment to the sellers. Ask them clearly and take a written note that the product or the watch you are buying has warranty or not. If it has warranty take a note for how may years or months of warranty does it carry. Take business or visiting card if case if you forget their contact number trust me it will help you a lot when you will really need help.

This was a simple tips and hope it helps you to make you choice and if you are looking for the best deals of watches in online watch shop in Bangladesh then definitely you may give a try here for original products at reasonable price with warranty.